Windsor, PA

The Early American Steam Engine Society
40th Steam-O-Rama on October 2, 3, 4, 5, 1997

Steam Engine

Closing out the Summer and prior to heading for Coolspring, we spent three weeks in the Lancaster/York area of Pennsylvania. The antique shops at Adamstown were remarkable and the time spent in the Amish farm country campgrounds was relaxing. I also took in the train museum at Lancaster and the toy train museum as well, but that's another story.


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York Engine This show featured machinery made in York City and County, PA.

Manley Engine You don't often see TWO cylinder opposed engines in the wild. This one was a beauty!

Clark Engine This MONSTER came in on a three axle trailer attached to a dump truck. It is on welded skids, one for an air tank and the other for a propane expander. It was decided to PULL it off the trailer with a John Deere lug wheeled tractor, but the tractor just buried itself. They then brought on a steam traction engine and hooked up. It was IMPRESSIVE! The steam engine was pulling the engine, the trailer AND the dump truck, even though it had block chocks behind the rear wheels. The truck driver then set the brakes and the steam engine pulled the engine off the trailer. That thing is HEAVY and I now have new respect for steam engines! The engine is a Clark Bros. 40HP.

UPDATE: 54th Steam O Rama Early American Steam Engine Society Show 1673 Manor Rd Windsor, PA Feature is International Harvester Tractors and Equipment. 09-29-2011 to 10-02-2011


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