Rollag, MN

Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion

You can't think of Rollag without seeing this 600HP Snow Gas Engine

In use from 1915 to 1970 in the oil fields of Northwest Pennsylvania as a natural gas pipeline compressor. 140 tons total weight, 67 feet long, speed 80 to 90 r.p.m., flywheel 27 tons and 18 feet diameter, crankshaft 12 tons and 16" diameter, bore 24", stroke 48", 39,600 cubic inches displacement! Two clinders in line with combustion on both sides of both pistons. Announcer: Bob Remington, Operator: Jim Keats.

Click on the following enlargements plus a movie clip of the running engine:

A closer look
Operator: Jim Keats
Jim adjusts the valve

A Steam Engine driven Carousel

Corliss driven Generator

Driven by a 50cow belt approx. 18" wide!
The engine is from the Villaume Box and Lumber Company

Allis Chalmers Steam driven Generator

This engine was installed in the Pabst Brewery in 1906.
High pressure cylinder 18" bore by 36" stroke.
Low pressure cylinder 30" bore by 36" stroke.
Pressure 150 p.s.i. Speed 125 r.p.m.
400 Kilowatts 3 phase 460 volts 25 cycle 600 H.P.
Weight 85 tons - Flywheel 15 tons.
Moving parts 40 tons and anchor bolts 1 ton.

No, you can't get an engine this large into one photo.

MOGUL 50HP Twin Cylinder

This engine worked at a cotton gin.

DeLa Vergne 120HP Oil Engine

The 1903 De La Vergne is rated at 125 HP. It was on exhibit at the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis. It was then installed in the W.F. Norman Sheet Metal Works in Nevada, MO. There, it was belted to a line shaft and powered sheet metal forming machines for about 50 years. The engine arrived at Rollag in 1976, owned by the Withers family and operated by Tom Michalson.

It has a 26" bore (3" bigger than a 55 gallon barrel) and a 38" stroke. Its two identical flywheels are over 9 feet in diameter and 12.5" wide. The two flywheels and the crankshaft have a combined weight of 15 tons. The base and cylinder weigh 20 tons more. Each main bearing cap weighs 700 pounds. The total weight is 40 tons.

It is believed to be the largest single cylinder, open crankcase, four cycle, internal combustion engine running in the world!

A 200HP De Lavergne in the ROUGH



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