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Summer '98

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Fairbanks Morse Y 3 cylinder Samson Iron Works
Foos 50HP
This 3 cylinder Fairbanks Morse Y was up and running - check the audio file. It is nearly the same as the one we found at Nunda, NY.FM-3 Audio A tractor made by the Samson Iron Works with a Samson Gas Engine of 7x9 capacity at 450 rpm. It sports an Atwater Kent ignition inside the battery box. Alan Schurman, host of the show, takes a turn on the 50HP Foos.

Ames Generator

Ames Generator
These Ames Iron Works products caught my eye because they are from Oswego, NY where I lived and worked for 23 years. The factory buildings stood vacant for decades with no sign of the magnificent old steam engines that they once created. Here, at the opposite end of the country, we can see their heritage. The unit on the left is a direct coupled steam engine/generator for 110 volts DC. The unit on the right (shown here for continuity) ran a mine at Idaho City, ID. Visit the GALLERY for engravings of this and other engines! Ames Boiler

Boyer marine engine Galloway Stickney 1-1/2HP
This BOYER 10HP two cylinder marine engine is from Oakland, CA around 1926. It has overhead cams with twin vertical side shafts and is fired by igniters. Many hours went into this restoration. 1912 1-3/4HP Air Cooled Galloway by Don Monroe of Yakima, WA A 1-1/2 HP Stickney owned and restored by Don Monroe.



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