Plainfield, Wisconsin

Veterans Memorial Park
Tri-County Threshermen Branch 33 EDGT&TA
JUNE 2000 - 12th Annual Show!

IHC Tractor
This IHC Tractor belongs to Chet Krause, owner of Krause Publications in Iola, WI.
Chet prints Old Cars Weekly. The guy running it is machinist Craig Anderson from Rosholt, WI.

Davis Twin Cylinder
The Davis twin cylinder belongs to Art Wegner of Wisconsin Dells. Don Blausey did the restoration work on it. It was a basket case and he spent the better part of a year on it.

Monitor 2HP
Monitor 2HP vertical owned by Joe Prindle

3 HP C.H.&E. Milwaukee
3 HP C.H.&E. Milwaukee owned by Joe Prindle.
Thanks to Joe for info given on other engines shown here.

Alamo withTray Cooler
This Alamo with tray cooler is owned by Don Selmer.

IHC Famous Throttle Governed
IHC Famous Throttle Governed owned by Brady Stiles
Thanks to Brady and Laura for their hospitality while we attended the show.

Monitor 7 HP
Slow running 7HP Monitor owned by Brady Stiles

Map of Plainfield Show Grounds
Tri-County Threshermans Association
P.O. Box 111
Plainfield, WI 54966

Next year's show: June 9 & 10, 2001
All Day Events Include:
Farm Toys - Sawmill - Flea Market - Model Gas & Steam Engines
Large & Small Gas Engines - Collector Autos - Old Gas Tractors
Farm Antiques - Antique Snowmobiles - Blacksmiths - Steam Engines
Dynamometer - Old Time Craft Demonstrations - Threshing - Corn Shredding
For show or lodging information, call Mary Erickson (715)335-6575
For Flea Market Information, call Larry Zalewski (715)335-6725



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