Harry's Old Engine #7

Novo Antique Gasoline engine Novo Hit and Miss Gas Engines

NOVO 3HP Hit and Miss Gas Engine

1915 NOVO Engine Ad
Photo of the Novo base on the bench

Here's the base portion in process of cleaning and scraping. If the whole engine looked this good I would not have painted it, but the top "jug" was completely rusted. Grease, oil and the crap of the ages had saved the base.

It can be run and shown now, but it came a long way from being "barn fresh" at West Chazy, NY. I didn't know that "barn fresh" meant that is was a rusty hunk of junk, covered with pidgeon droppings! Actually, old cast iron engines are pretty tough as I was able to completely clean it up in the glass bead cabinet.

The serial number can be found on the top surface of the hopper. Mine is between 84867 and 89931 and therefore this engine was built in 1924.

Completed Novo

In the sound file, you can hear the sucking of fuel from the mixer, the POP of the exhaust and the rattle of the hopper lid. The rest of the sounds are made by the linkages and the crankcase breather.

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