Florida Flywheelers

at Koreshan State Historic Site
Estero, FL

Harry's Display

The Florida Flywheelers were invited to show their engines for a March weekend at the Koreshan State Historic Site. This park is located off I-75 exit 19 and includes a full camping facility, boat ramp, canoeing, fishing, a nature trail and picnic grounds. The Estero River flows through the park into the Estero Bay; and on its banks, the remains of an unusual pioneer settlement are being preserved. A number of the settlement buildings and portions of the grounds have been restored to their appearance during the early years of this century. Two buildings of note here are a machine shop with old line shaft equipment and a generator building with a Fairbanks Morse Diesel Engine.

Control Panel Generator Fairbanks Morse Diesel Engine Cooler

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Handy Andy Tom Thumb Steam Saw

Among the Flywheelers' engines, there was a Handy Andy owned by Erwin Ernst, also a Tom Thumb, and a Steam Engine belted to a saw.

Click for photos we took in 1999, when we took the Famous, the Eclipse, the Fuller Johnson, the Aermotor and the Ideal, plus some steam whistles and oilers to the show for display.

For more information about the park, contact:

Koreshan State Historic Site, P.O. Box 7, Estero, FL 33928 (941)992-0311.


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