Florida Flywheeler's

FALL FUEL-UP Antique Engine and Tractor Show
Ft. Meade, FL

(Florida Flywheeler Show Grounds)

Welcome to the Fall Fuel-UP! The show includes Vintage Engines, Tractors and Machinery plus you'll enjoy the many new developments at Flywheeler Park!

(Fairbanks Morse 150 HP 2cyl Diesel engine)

Heller Davis of Davenport, FL is at the controls of a 150 HP Fairbanks-Morse "YV" two cylinder Diesel. This engine provided electrical power for the City of Sanford, FL back in 1937 when they purchased two of them for $4200 each. They were used on into the '60's and retired in the '70's. The normal rpm is 300, but it is slowed down to 280 for demonstration. The bore is 14" and the stroke is 17" and it is started by compressed air injected into the #1 cylinder. When it is started up cold, a wick made of blotter paper and salt peter is used in the #2 cylinder. After operating the oiler a sufficient number of times to assure proper lubrication the primer is then operated to inject a diesel fuel mist into the cylinders, open the valve from the compressed air tank, check the stack for smoke and pull the lever back to run.

(old fire station 6 cyl pump engine)

The Gibbs pump engine above is from a fire station. It is all open construction so you can see all of the SIX cylinders' piston rods and push rods in action and wonder which cylinder is making which exhaust note. It is running on LP gas and is idled down quite slow. Lew Donaldson (at right) is the owner / operator. Lew had his 32HP Fairbanks Morse running too. You can see that engine on my Hunsader Farms' Page.

Point and Click for enlargements:

Some of the other engines on site were a 12 HP Hercules, a 2 HP Great Western and an Associated belted up to a power hacksaw:

There were more engines and tractors there than you could count and there were definitely more than I had film to take pictures of or room to place in these pages.



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