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Fairbanks Morse 2 H.P. Buzz Coil

2 H.P. "Z" Engine - Battery Equipped

Fairbanks Morse 1-1/2 H.P. Brass Tag from FRONT of Hopper

A REMARKABLE value is this 2 H. P. "Z" Engine equipped with a high tension battery ignition system. It is designed to meet the needs of those who want a dependable engine at a comparatively small investment. It is a genuine "Z" through and through; it bears the famous "Z" trade mark; it is built up to the same high standards of Fairbanks-Morse quality and it is fully guaranteed. Its high quality and low price have been made possible by scientific study and large production facilities.

Fairbanks Morse Stamped Steel Oiler

This is the stamped steel oiler that was delivered with this type of engine. There is a combination inspection port and slide fill cover on the top and a slide cover over the viewing holes for the dripper. Although the barn roof caved in on this one, it cleaned up nicely even though it was the highest point on the engine. This same style of oiler was also used on the Alpha DeLaval engines. Click Here for a view of the stamped brass oiler on an Alpha.

It is an engine of few adjustments. It is extremely easy to start. There are no throttles to open and close or adjust. The entire operation of the engine is controlled by regulating the amount of air admitted to the cylinder by means of an air damper on the carburetor.

Fairbanks Morse 2 H.P. Battery and Coil box
Fairbanks Morse 2 H.P. Battery and Coil box The ignition system consists of four dry cells with a vibrator coil compactly mounted in a substantial, water-proof metal box. No complicated igniter is required as with the low tension ignition system; simply a standard spark plug located in the cylinder head. The brief contact of the timer insures long service from the batteries. These engines have a "hit and miss" governor and are built for operation on gasoline only. No spark is made or no charge of gasoline is drawn into the cylinder unless they are actually needed for power. These features tend toward long life of the batteries and economy of fuel. Control lever gives five speed changes. Carburetor requires no adjusting. Finished in bright red and black trim and mounted on a pressed steel base.
Fairbanks Morse 2 H.P. Buzz Coil

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