Harry's OLD-ENGINE #6

Fairbanks Morse Company
1922 1-1/2HP "Z" Engine

Fairbanks Morse 1-1/2 H.P. with Bosch as found.

Work begins! All parts are removed and the block is pressure washed, glass bead blasted and painted with dark hunter green. Photo of water hopper cylinder block. Every last nut and bolt and part is disassembled for cleaning and repair.

It would be foolish to attempt to start an old rusty engine that spent its life in the barn. The fuel jets were packed full of crud! Photo of mixer parts. This mixer has two brass jets, one for gasoline from the bowl and one for kerosene from the fuel tank. A check valve can be seen at the tank end. There is an assembly for the throttle valve and one for the air intake. Photo of finished mixer.

Fairbanks Morse used several types of magnetos, but this particular engine uses the Bosch AB33 magneto. Photo of Bosch AB33. The magneto is tripped by a roller peg on the cam gear.

Photo of head. This is known as a wet head because cooling water circulates from the hopper through passages into the head. There is a drain valve at the bottom level of the head. Photo of valves.

Another bunch of cleaning and more parts are made ready. This shows the cast iron governor base, cam gear, cam, rocker arm and mount, cam follower, fly-weight governor, push rod, throttle rod and throttle control assembly.

Here's the engine with the governor assembly mounted.

Completed Engine

Fairbanks Morse 1-1/2 H.P. Brass Tag from FRONT of Water Hopper

Distinctive Features of the
"Z" Throttling Governor
Kerosene Engines (Bulletin H 198 GC)

  • 1. Throttling Governor
  • 2. Built-in Oscillating Magneto
  • 3. Speed Regulator
  • 4. Removable Bushings in Bearings
  • 5. Close Speed Regulation
  • 6. Removable Water Cooled Cylinder Head

No effort is spared in making these "Z" Engines of the very highest quality in every detail. All parts are precisely made and fitted and standardized for interchangeability. The cylinder and crank case being cast together distributes the weight where needed for strength, giving lightness as well. The finely ground piston and piston rings give exceptional compression. The water cooled cylinder and valves eliminate heat strains and keep the valves tight. The effective lubrication, accessibility and reliability are found in every "Z" Engine.

Use Cheapest Fuel

An engine of 1-1/2 H.P., 3-1/2 H.P. or 6 H.P., to give power at lowest cost, should run on kerosene distillate, coal oil, tops and other cheaper fuels as well as gasoline. These lower grade fuels can only be used economically, however, when the engine is designed and built especially for them, and it was with this principle in view that the "Z" engines were designed.

Throttling Governor

A successful kerosene engine must maintain uniform speed at any load through control of the fuel. The throttling governor on the "Z" engines acts directly on a balanced valve, which regulates the amount of fuel and air passing through the inlet valve into the cylinder. It thus maintains an accurately proportioned mixture for the charge, as well as a uniform cylinder temperature, giving greatest economy and power and a definite uniform speed regardless of the load, even in cold weather.

The Logical Engines for Your Service

Whatever the work; pumping, sawing, grinding, or any of the many duties to be performed, you want it done at lowest cost. As a buyer of farm equipment you know that this "cost" does not stop with first cost. It includes the money you spend to keep the engine running, for fuel, labor, repairs and upkeep. What you get for this money in work done determines whether or not you are obtaining your power at lowest cost.

Buy an engine that will give you all the power you need and more if necessary, one that successfully uses the most economical fuels, requires the least attention, starts quickly and easily at any time, even in cold weather and will do all this faithfully for many years. The Fairbanks-Morse "Z" Engine is the logical engine for you to use because it combines every practical advantage to do your work continuously, conveniently, economically, cleanly and quietly.

All sizes: l-1/2, 3 and 6 H. P. successfully use KER0SENE also Distillate, Coal Oil, Tops, Gasoline and other Cheaper Fuels

You can grind feed, pump water, shell corn, run your separator, churn, washing machine and many other things about the farm with a Fairbanks-Morse "Z" Engine. The rating is conservative in actual service, the engine readily develops more. Think of this when you buy! Your needs may at any time demand more power. The "Z" gives you this extra help when you want it-offers you this reserve force to complete your work, perhaps saving you the difference in the cost of a larger engine.

Efficiency features: Consider these: throttling governor, built-in oscillating magneto, speed regulator, removable bushings in bearings, close speed regulation, removable water cooled cylinder heads and more. Examine the pictures of the engines, see the graceful, powerful lines, the strength well placed where needed. Imagine this clean-cut, able and reliable worker "on the job" on your farm. Every feature of these wonderful engines does its part to develop maximum power from least fuel.

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