Coolspring Power Museum

1995 Fall Show and Swap Meet

We went to Coolspring, PA on October 20, 1995 for a visit to the museum and to partake of the swap meet. It was GREAT and I'd recommend this place as a MUST SEE for anyone that is even slightly interested in the history of antique gas engines. The museum has a spectacular collection and the SIZE and the number of the displays were overwhelming. There are MANY buildings chuck full of engines set up and ready to run and the collection overflows to annexes and some are even set up outside. Volunteers operate the exhibits one weekend each month in April, May, July, August and September. Contact them for specific dates. This summer's show is in June and we will definitely have it on our calendar.

Coolspring Fall '95 Gas Engine Swap Meet

The flea market had it all from trailer loads of old iron for sale to some really fine working engines. There were parts for sale on every table! It was ALL there and I was right in the middle of it - my camper rooftop shows in the center of this photo. I brought my shopping list and I was NOT disappointed. I found a dual oiler for my Gray Motor and the Sumter Plugoscillator for my Fairbanks.

One of the engines that is on display is HUGE! Words can hardly describe its performance. Its exhaust pipe goes outside underground to a PIT muffler that hardly muffles anything. This thing would put CHERRY BOMBS to shame! For the uninitiated onlooker - keep in mind that most of the old engines are SINGLE cylinder. The way they made power was by massive construction and voluminous displacement.

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Flickinger Engine-Compressor by the Flickinger Iron Works, Bradford, PA. Approx 60 HP, 4 stroke cycle, 15.5" Bore, 20" stroke, circa 1910. The Flickinger design uses only one piston for both power and compressing. The air intakes, which are piped through the side of the building, sound like a steam locomotive while running.

Coolspring Fall '97:
Fairbanks Morse #47 Diesel
Mike Murphy runs his Fairbanks Morse 47.

Dual cylinder New Way gas engine
A two cylinder NewWay Motor Company

This Fall's swapmeet is October 17, 18, 19, 2002!

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