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Briggs & Stratton

Washing Machine Air Cooled Engine

Briggs and Stratton WM front view

MODEL WM -- (1936-1941, 1/2 HP, 2.00" Bore, 1.50" Stroke, L-Head)

The Model WM was the first of a large line of small engines based on a very similar cylinder block. These engines were designed initially for use on washing machines and it is believed this is the reason for the WM designation. Early models of these engines can be identified by the brass model tag on the blower housing and an external crankcase breather. The earlier Model WM can be distinguished from the WMB by the horizontal spark plug and a rectangular governor vane. This engine has the small suction carburetor; a cast iron cylinder head and a constant level pump lubrication system. The cam operated lubrication pump was quickly changed to a splash system and the factory recommended that all engines be converted to splash oiling when repaired for any reason.

Carburetor View Front View Core
Pulley Side View Pulley View Core
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This is my first experience with a full restoration of an antique Briggs engine. I should have seen the light sooner that was shown by Bob Learned while on the Stationary Engine mail list. I had always regarded Briggs and Stratton engines as a tool rather than a collectable because I had them in so many pieces of equipment around the farm. Bob Learned passed away on January 1, 1998, but his internet web pages live on as a memorial to him. CLICK HERE to see this information.

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