Buckeye Farm Antiques

8th Annual Show - Wapakoneta, Ohio

On our way down I-75 on May 22 through the 24, 1997, we attended the Buckeye Farm Antique Show at Wapakoneta, Ohio. Campsites were available on the grounds and by Friday, many engines were arriving in the show area like this 5HP New Holland. There was also a flea market area with various tools and stuff and engine folks were selling their excess parts and engines off the tailgates.

There were many many tractors on site, but since these are a subject of my past, I stuck to the old engines although it was neat to watch some of the activities. A sawmill was active and there was corn shredding, shelling, grinding, baling as well as steamed corn on the cob.

We met Allen Philbrick showing his neat 15HP Reid gas engine. His trailer even shined with an oak plank deck that was sanded, varnished and waxed. Allen is among us here on the internet.

This was not a planned stop, but it sure turned out to be a good one. They are also having a swap meet in November.


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