Pierce Engine at the Coolspring Power Museum Show

From Antiqueeng(at)aol.com
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 1996 23:12:42 -0400
To: Harry(at)old-engine.com
Subject: My Pierce Engine

I was going to give you some more on the story of my Pierce as you had asked for more details: The engine belonged to the uncle of a friend of mine and wasn't for sale for a long time. His uncle died about a year or so ago and my friend inherited the farm upon which it was located. Soon after that, I was able to aquire it.

I didn't even know what I had 'till Lee Pedersen was up to visit me and spotted it in my engine shed. He told me it was a Pierce and that it was a good engine to have. From that point I searched and corresponded with other Pierce owners in GEM. About 1/2 of them responded. One in Nebraska was kind enough to let me come out and obtain the information I needed to make mine a running engine. I spent two days with vernier calipers and a camera documenting every detail I needed to make the missing parts. I returned home and went to the library to get books that would help learn the art of pattern making. With the help of the fellows at a local foundry, I was able to cast and machine all the parts I needed but the flywheel. (I had one of those copied in England and just recieved it at Coolspring) With six months of working a bit every day on it I was able to show it first at the Dublin, NH show last fall.
Regards, Jim Fehl, Antiqueeng(at)aol.com

Pierce Engine

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