Twin Falls Fairgrounds

Northwest Regional EDGE&TA Show
Featuring Fairbanks Morse

In the Summer of 1998, we decided to head for the Northwest to Idaho and take in a few gas engine shows along the way. Our first stop was at Twin Falls and Filer, Idaho to visit their antique engine show and as you'll see by the following photos, this turned out to be our best show of the Summer. Not only that, the friendly folks here extended Western hospitality and encouraged us to travel on farther and visit the shows at Ridgefield, Washington and Brooks Oregon. We ended up with a full Summer of enjoyment, two photo albums stuffed with old engine pictures and many new friends.

Gentlemen! Start your engines! (Click all photos for enlargements)
Holt 4 cylinder Fairbanks Morse 60HP Fairbanks Morse 60HP
Lauren Langdon pulls the Holt over. (The mag trips on impulse and one hopes that the bar slips from the tapered hole.) The 1908 60HP Fairbanks starts with air from a receiver tank, but the piston has to be put into position first. 17,000 lbs. 16" bore 20" stroke!
Here it is up and running, as it was during most of the show.FM60 Audio

 Avery Audio The Avery has a four cylinder engine, two front and two rear, each pair exhausting into two individual stacks. What a sound! Avery John Deere D

    Lauren Langdon had more than just a few side shaft engines around his section.

Gade 6HPThis 6HP Gade air cooled engine ran perfectly. Its dual exhaust port is much the same as the Fuller Johnson pump jack engine, with the majority of the exhaust coming from the lower side port. The quieter upper exhaust port vents the combustion chamber during the "miss" portion of the running cycle.

Fairbanks Morse 12HP On the left is a 12 HP Fairbanks Morse type T with heavy "electric" flywheels. It is throttle governed to give smooth regulation for electrical power generation and under load, shoots flame from the pipe.

Dave OttoThis is Dave Otto of stationary engine mail list fame. Dave displays his 6HP IHC M and a 1-1/2HP John Deere.

From Ray Sager's & Bud Rogers' corral...
Mogul 6HP     Stickney 3HP
A 6HP Mogul side shaft and a 3HP Stickney.
7HP Sultan     4HP Myrick Eclipse
And a 7HP Sultan (Whitman's) and a 4HP Myrick Eclipse. In Louis Bulcher's lineup...
Galloway 9HP     Witte 6HP
A 9HP Galloway and a 6HP headless Witte. John Ledbetter's long row...
John Ledbetter     Waterloo Boy
A Waterloo Boy among many many others.

Other engines on display included a 6HP Associated Mule Team, 1911 IHC Famous jr., Samson 12HP, Mogul 1HP, 4HP Myrick Eclipse, 7 HP Sultan, Monitor Pump Jack, 2 HP Titan, Fairbanks Morse "H" 4HP, 1909 6 HP Fairbanks, 6 HP Air Cooled Motor, 20 HP Stickney, Webster Inverted Gas Engine, Otto Inverted, 4HP Mogul skidded, 20 HP Foos, Fairbanks Morse 12HP Hoisting Engine, Callahan clutched side shaft, Gould Shapely & Muir dual cylinder, and on and on...!!! A great weekend in the shade of the Poplar trees!


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