Farmington, NM

Four Corners Antique Power Association

June 2004


John Hopper and John Hopper of Cortez, Colorado tune up their 10HP Fairbanks Morse Z running on kerosene and blowing smoke rings. This engine ran a wood saw in its earlier years.
The Hopper's "engine truck" including the 10HP Z, 1-1/2HP Novo from a sheep shearing outfit, IHC LA with fan and radiator, and a 1-1/2HP McCormick Deering
Click for 800X600 close up of the International Harvester LA with radiator coil. A fan within the flywheel forces air over the coil's fins.)
The Hopper's have a second trailer including a Galloway Handy Andy, Briggs FI twin flywheel on a TEN-LIGHT DC Generator, John Deere stationary LUC, and an Ingeco 2-1/2 HP igniter fired engine.
The INGECO 2-1/2 HP. (Click for 800X600 close up.)
The Galloway Handy Andy. (Click for 800X600 close up.)
Belted up to an Alladin Duplex AC generator by Harris Elec.
A rare Briggs and Stratton dual flywheel FI on a TEN-LIGHT DC generator
(Click for 800X600 close up.)
A second view of the TEN-LIGHT generator.
(Click for 800X600 close up.)
A corn grinding mill. (Click for 800X600 close up.)
Root and Van Dervoort 2HP from the John Deere Plow Company running the corn mill.
Also a Fairbanks Morse Z.
This is what an engine show is all about. Good friends having a good time. From left to right, Herb Gephart, Farmington NM, Clyde Smith, Aztec NM, Ed Owens, Farmington NM, Bob Pawley, Aztec NM, and Wilfred Heyen (Willie) of Durango, CO.
(Click for 800X600 close up.)
The Moline Plow Company. (Click for 800X600 close up.)
For more information about the club, contact:
Sue Cordel
6th Rd. 3459
Flora Vista, NM 87415

All photos copyright (c) 2004 by Harry Matthews


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