Ely, Vermont

4th Annual Connecticut River Antique Collector Klub Show

Ely VT Gas Engine Show

On August 22, 1997 we went to Douglas and Ruth Driscoll's place on Route 5 in Ely, VT for the annual Connecticut River Antique Collector Klub show. This is one friendly group of people, ready and willing to share great hospitality. The show was on freshly mowed grassland with a large pond at it's center. All of the exhibitor spaces were neatly rowed into "streets" named after engines and kerosene lantern "street lights" were put up on iron posts and lit for the evenings.

Antiques are what it's all about, but they center upon farm tractors, engines, tools and old machinery. So if you're an engine buff, be advised that you won't go away unhappy with the happenings. There are engines all over the grounds, tractors, blacksmithing, sugar making, an evening bonfire, ham & bean supper, and generally a whole lot of fun.

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Oxen pulling wagon That includes a ride on a wagon pulled by oxen Gee! Haw!

Bessemer gas engine A huge Bessemer is set up on site and run as part of the show activities.

Muncie oil engine A Muncie oil engine was very smooth running and the pot muffler made it very quiet.

Air Cooled Engine This is a 7HP Air Cooled Engine, owned by Gary Warren.

Other Photos:

Dual Empire Steam Engine

Fairbanks Morse Engines

Little Decoy Marine Engine

Unknown Marine Engine

Auto-Marine Engine

Oilfield Engine

Oxen in Motion

Model Steam Boats

The Pond

Model Steam Engines


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