Dalton, Massachusetts

Berkshire Gas and Steam Engine Show - August '97

Berkshire Gas & Steam Engine Show

After Canandaigua '97, we headed East for our visit to the New England States. The Steam and Gas Show Directory matched us up with the August 16 show in Western Massachusetts held at the American Legion Field on Route 9 in Dalton. The surrounding Berkshire Mountains were a treat to drive through.

Witte 22HP gas engine at work

This turned out to be a good visit for us with lots of different engines to look at and parts to buy. Since I own a 5HP Witte, it was a surprise to see a 22HP Witte on the grounds, running a saw mill no less. It was really banging out the RPMs and BOILING the water in the hopper at quite a roll. This engine is owned by the Mitchell family of Chester, MA where it was used at a stone quarry.

Mr. Mitchell's 22HP Witte
Mr. Mitchell is shown here grinning with pleasure
as people looked on at the performance of his Witte.

IHC Famous 2HP air cooled vertical gas engine
I would like to have brought this little 2HP
air cooled Famous home, but no sale.

Fairbanks Morse 20HP Z gas engine from a sawmill
This is one of the best Fairbanks large size "Z's" I've seen and 20 HP no less. Originally running a sawmill in Middlefield, MA, it was sent to the scrap yard and salvaged by Mr. Steinhoff, an early member of this club. Auctioned in 1995, it is now owned and cared for by Myron and Cathy Marcoulier.

Overall this was a great show, with great weather and I'd recommend it to anyone.

LINK Berkshire Gas & Steam Engine Association, Inc.
729 Old Windsor Road
Dalton, MA 01226


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