The Great Oregon Steam-up 1998

Fairbanks Morse with Irrigation Pump Les Layton tunes up his three cylinder 80 HP type R. This Fairbanks Morse 3 Cylinder R is 80 HP and belongs to Les Layton and the Late Harvey Hilands. It was used to run an Alfalfa Seed Cleaning Mill at Echo Oregon and it was manufactured in 1911. It was impressive to watch them live belt it to the irrigation pump!

20 HP Witte Engine This Witte belongs to John McAllister and is a 1927 20 HP tank cooled portable. It was used to power a Racine Threshing Machine.

IHC 6 HP Throttler John also owns this 6 HP IHC Famous portable and it came from over around Millican, Oregon. It was built in 1914 and was used on a well drilling rig. John has restored both these plus several other engines.

Hicks Marine Engine (6HP Made in San Francisco 1910) One thing about visiting Oregon and Washington, there were plenty of marine engines to see. We also had a visit to the Columbia River Maritime Museum at Astoria on our way to Brooks from Washington. Atlas Engine, Palmer Engine, Union Gas Engine. Plus, we had a tour of the Columbia LIGHTSHIP WLV-604 while we were at the museum. Length: 128, Beam: 30, Displacement: 617. Hull: STEEL.

Standard Gas Engine Co. Vertical sideshaft, made in San Francisco and called the Frisco Standard.

Frisco Standard Marine

2cyl Western Gas Engine This 200 HP Western Machine Co. engine was manufactured in 1928 in Los Angeles, Calif. and was used to pump water near Riverside, Calif. There were two of these engines setting side by side each pumping 2000 Gal. per minute over a 400 foot high hill, 8 miles into 7,500 acres of citrus orchards in Riverside County. These engines ran from the time of installation until the late 50's when they were placed on stand by. They ran again in 1988 for two weeks straight while the company switched from combustion engines to electric pumps. All of this with only one repair to the cylinder sometime in the mid 40's! Wayne Thackery owns this particular engine and has the original sale receipt. It sold for $8,850.00 installed.

Allis Chalmers Steamer This is a Corliss Steam Engine made by Allis Chalmers and it was used to run a furniture factory in Salem, Oregon in the late 1800's. It went from there to the Yoder sawmill near Yoder, Oregon and then it was donated to the Museum by the Yoder's. The power is approximately 120 HP with a 12 foot flywheel. Close-up of Corliss Valves.


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